Minnesota Fringe Festival “Casanova Man” Audience Reviews



Minnesota Fringe Festival audience reviews for “Casanova Man” give the show an average 2.5 out of 5 stars!

Here’s what the audiences are saying…

“…and Michael Venske as the Bartender [Pete] made me practically fall out of my seat when he left his post as drink server and began to seduce women and join the cast in a dance sequence near the end that was hilarious!” -Chuck Beeson

“The only redeeming qualities were Pete and Emma’s performances.” -Cid Starwind

Standout performances by Michael Venske and Lourey Middlecamp kept my interest throughout.” -re gurgitate

“…sort of low in energy (sans Bartender Pete’s mad dance skills)…The redeeming quality? Emma and Pete really made the show. -Katherine Arcand