Thank You, Mr. Rogers

Today is Thanksgiving and it means a little something different to everyone.

While many of us have made our own internal lists about the people and things we’re thankful to have bless our lives on a daily basis, for some reason I started thinking about someone tonight and realized how thankful I am for him.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Mr. Fred Rogers.

This needs no explanation.

Thank you, Mr. Rogers. For everything.

Your cardigan buddy,


2 responses

  1. laser cowgirl Avatar
    laser cowgirl

    One of the things I am conyemplating for my next tattoo is “You can never go down the drain.”

    What a great man.

  2. Walk | On | Red Avatar
    Walk | On | Red

    Great tat idea! What a wonderful thought to carry with you.

    Agreed. Agreed.