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File Under Bad Poetry: “All I Want for Christmas”

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“All I Want for Christmas”

I’m in China!
Far from friends and family and familiar traditions.
Far from the heavenly smells in neighborhood kitchens.
Far from the bile-y tidings of excessive cheer
erupting from drunks smiling ear-to-ear with beer.
Far from the sanctuary and songs of the spirit.
So far from home I can’t even pretend to hear it.
Far from uncomfortable parties and gatherings
missing out on roasted duck and all the smatherings.

Gosh, I’m just so far from those I’ve missed most of the year.
Though I know complaining isn’t what you stopped to hear.

So please listen closely as I share the following
a list of all the things I needn’t be borrowing.
In the coming days I’ll share what trinkets and prizes
I want Santa to bring for my present surprises.

It goes without saying, but it’s important you know
please don’t assume all I want is the white fluffy snow.
I want to be with my family and to hear them laugh
thinking of the time my brother grew a bad mustache.

Getting to see Grandmas and Grandpas, uncles and aunts
driving in the snow and visiting some old haunts.
Sometimes when I’m asked what is it that I miss the most
my mind flashes to the Guthrie and Marley’s pale ghost.

So in lieu of getting to be with family like you
I’ll make a list of wants, for instance: Hearty Man’s Stew.
Because if no gifts should materialize this year
I’ll still have these words to write for you to read my dear.