While the ribs were cooking in Duluth, I took a slow meandering walk along the shore of Lake Superior. It was foggy that day. As I walked my mind wandered.


I felt like I was in a dream.

Duluth Stage

At the time it was such a surreal experience. Like walking through Heaven*.


But that’s not what today’s highlight post is about…


Today’s post is about Adventure Zone!

All the walking I did along the lakeshore led me to my friends Jess and Em**. There was a plan — between Jess and myself — but with the addition of Em, that all went out the window. So we strolled around Canal Park until I saw the sign for Adventure Zone!


In 2003 I lived in Duluth for seven months. During that time I always wanted to go to Adventure Zone but was too poor to afford an afternoon of adventure in the zone…

Like a gambler in a casino, I made a beeline to my game of choice: the dump trucks.


You’ll likely notice that all four dump trucks are empty. Why?

For my time, dedication — and above all — skill, I was gifted with these precious tickets.



It was fun winning all those tickets! Granted, I probably spent about $40 to earn myself $5 worth of candy, but it tasted so sweet!

The feeling of being silly and playing games is one I don’t want to soon forget. They say you’re only as old as you feel and judging by this picture, I feel like I’m eight years-old.

Stay young, kids. Go play. Have fun.

2012 was so “WINNING!”


* = Duluth, Minnesota, is not and will never be my Heaven. Mickey’s Diner is Heaven.

** = We’re not so friendly anymore, specifically after this day.

Michael VenskeMICHAEL VENSKE is an expert mistake maker whose faith and enthusiasm cause him to leap without looking. One such jump landed him in China where he’s currently teaching kindness, compassion, and the fine art of physical comedy.

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Since 2012 Michael Venske has been teaching English in Zibo, Shandong, China. When not in the classroom he's busy writing his next solo performance endeavor chronicling (mis)adventures in The People’s Republic of China.
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  1. *** I hope tbhe not so friendly only refers to Em. I like to think we are still family and family loves forever no matter how obnoxious Jess can be….or Mike for that matter lol.

  2. ** = Em.

    We have a friendship that’s too bizarre to blowup.

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