An Open Letter to 2012


Dear 2012,

It seems like just yesterday I was writing a letter to that bastard 2011… It’s beyond me how you slipped by so quickly.

As I’m sure you’re aware in the past few days I’ve posted a number of blogs about the highlights of all that was you. In reflecting on all these events I feel like you’ve given me the best high-five ever!

Unfortunately I can’t think of you, 2012, without comparing you to that smorgasbord shitshow that 2011 turned out to be. However, I know in my heart that all things happen for a reason in their own time and way. Without this there cannot be that. So while I bitch and moan about what was, I know deep in my heart that I’m grateful to have experienced those things.

Oh, but gosh! You were a really good year. You know that, right? I had a ton of fun! Thank you for all the adventures! There were moments when I was upset or sad or angry, but looking back on them all now they’re not so important. Those moments pushed me to greater heights!

This was an important year for me to learn a great deal about myself. Even now as I write this to you, I feel like my life is changing. I am changing. My ideas are changing. The things I once wanted have changed…

This is kind of a meandering letter. I’m sorry. But I want you to know that you’ve been good and how you’ve helped me. Thank you for that.

Currently it’s 3:45AM and instead of resting I’m thinking about all that was. A friend told me tonight that she was staying up late because she didn’t want to let you go, 2012. I realized just now that I don’t want to let you go either. You’ve been great!

Thank you for being so wonderful, 2012. Thank you for all the kind, outgoing, compassionate, patient, forgiving, loving, hilarious people you’ve brought my way. Thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me and all the things you’ve helped me learn about life, people, culture, me. Thank you for helping me feel and experience the Holy Wow in new and exciting ways. Thank you for having a great sense of humor.

If I can ask you for one more favor…

Will you please tell 2013 to not suck?

That’d mean a lot to me.


I’m gonna go. To sleep. In three hours I need to be up to catch a bus to the airport to fly to Hong Kong to greet 2013.

You’ve given me so many gifts this year! Thank you again, 2012!

Okay, 2013. Let’s do it.


About Michael Venske

Since 2012 Michael Venske has been teaching English in Zibo, Shandong, China. When not in the classroom he's busy writing his next solo performance endeavor chronicling (mis)adventures in The People’s Republic of China.
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