How I Spent 2 Weeks in America

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How I Spent 2 Weeks in America

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  • Had the best “movie moment” welcome at the airport with Niki.
  • Unexpectedly overwhelmed at Mickey’s Diner by friends less than an hour after arriving in the Twin Cities. Then spent my first dollar in America.
  • Happened upon an unexpected houseparty with Niki and friends and created many wonderful memories in the process.
  • Received a hair cut at Moxie that ended with explosive results…on my pants.
  • Started and finished Small Miracles.
  • Saw 8 plays in one day during the Minnesota State High School League One Act Play Competition.
  • Ate approximately 36 cheeseburgers.
  • Received more hugs than I can count.
  • Went disc golfing in the snow. Lost a disc.
  • Had breakfast with Haden.
  • Said a good goodbye to Grandma Venske.
  • Had dinner, went to a show, and met John Pinette with my brother. Nice guy.
  • Went to church.
  • Walked around Lake of the Isles. Then walked around it again.
  • Saw Brave New Workshop’s latest production.
  • Saved the Princess in Super Mario Bros. with Ken
  • Filed an extension for my taxes with rockstars at Fox Tax.
  • Drank drinks with Alex, Amy, Ashley, Courtney, Dan, Ellen, Kari, Ken, Matt, Mike, Niki… probably others, I don’t really remember.
  • Had a brilliant evening with Micah and Cara-Lin.
  • Crashed a 40th birthday party at Nye’s, played beanbag toss, and lost.
  • Visited a psychic and learned how it’s all gonna shake out in the end.
  • Had a meeting about Harmony Theatre’s summer theater program.
  • Drank a handful of Fat Tires.
  • Saw all four of my grandparents. This* made the trip worth it.
  • Had some fun conversations with my counsin Sean.
  • Spent more time with my Aunt Sandie than I have in years.
  • Made my uncle Howard roll his eyes.
  • Got into a heated discussion with my brother about my life choices.
  • Went bowling and won $50 in pull-tabs (the pull-tabs were Amy’s, I should’ve given her the winning ticket).
  • Gained 7 pounds.
  • Applied and received another Chinese work visa.
  • Gave a girl my phone number without her even knowing it… Lesson learned.
  • Received an email from current NYC-based off-broadway actor/DC tech director of “Thumbs Up” saying he thinks I should mount my show off-broadway. That email took my breath away and made my day.
  • Spent my last dollar in the jukebox playing “Feel So Good” by Chuck Mangione.
  • Had a shitty goodbye with family minutes before boarding the plane.
  • * = Hindsight being what it is, I should have heeded my grandfather’s advice and stayed in China traveling. Although, the sole reason I came home was to see my grandparents. Catch-22.


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      Here’s to: seeing each other again soon!