Begin Transmission…

Wow, a lot’s happened in the past six months! Here’s a quick recap…

To sidestep bad Chinese haircuts I shaved my head.
Michael's shaved head

Katie and I headed west toward Xi’an to check out the Terracotta Army.
Terracotta Army

AND buy this hat and coconut drink.
Idiot Abroad

Pretty soon it was June and picture day!
Stoic Students and Staff

Then the school year was over!
Bye, Henry

It was difficult to say goodbye to students. I wanted to leave them with a song that always comforts me. At the end of our last class we all joined hands and sang:


“Go now in peace, go now in peace
May the Spirit of Love surround you
Everywhere, everywhere
You may go.”


Katie and I packed our bags and started looking for apartments in Minneapolis. Then she was offered a job teaching English literature at the best high school in Zibo!
Excited for golden opportunities

Well, crap. Do we stay or go?
Difficult decisions

We decided to stay in China another year so we can dress like this every day.
One year anniversary couple
We also celebrated our one year anniversary!
the happy couple

Had you asked me in July 2012, “Do you want to come to China for three years?” The answer would’ve been no. I didn’t plan to come to China. It just happened… A lot like falling in love with Katie while she was 6,000+ miles away in America. And now she’s here and we’re together.

None of this fit into either of our “plans.” We’re flexible though so we’ll go with it.

I would like to take a moment to reassure you that we’re not going to live in China forever. Just one more year. I promise.

Of course I miss you, too!

I’ll be coming back to Minnesota for a short visit in September. Maybe we could go for a walk around the Lakes or crash Courtney & MJ’s wedding?

Or you could come and visit us in Zibo, Shandong, China!

That is always an option.

Or you could wait until February 2015 when Katie and I return to the USA for winter vacation.

Or if you’re really really patient let’s just plan to get a drink on a patio in the summer of 2015 when China officially kicks us back to America.

Deal? Deal.

As for myself, I’m doing well. I just started tutoring a lovely Chinese woman. I’m on two wheels again in the form of an ebike. I’ve got a bunch of material for my next solo show and I’d like to write a book in the coming year.

We’ll see. Anything can happen and usually does.