9 Objective Reasons You Should Hire Me

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9 Objective Reasons You Should Hire Me

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For the past three years I’ve lived in China. This summer I’m moving back to America!

And you should hire me.

Okay, I admit, I’m little biased. So here are 9 objective* reasons you should hire me.

1.) D.I.S.C. Index Profile Offers You Character Insight

DISC Graph

The DISC Index is the most contemporary interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s groundbreaking work into understanding and measuring a person’s natural behavioral style.

My Report Character Highlights:

  • shows the rare ability to be a calming influence on angry people due to active listening and high degree of patience and optimism
  • remarkable ability to shift the mood from serious to lighthearted smoothly and easily
  • ability to handle pressing problems in a casual manner, but still get the problem solved
  • able to talk with new people very easily in small groups or in large audiences
  • listens carefully to alternatives before making a judgment
  • able to negotiate conflicts into win-win situations
  • an excellent teacher

Click here to download Michael Venske’s DISC Index Report

2.) My Values are Valuable to You

Values Index pie graph divided into seven different sections  with icon in each representing  value, aesthetic, economic, individualistic, political, altruistic, regulatory, theoretical

Understanding why someone does what they do is the key to understanding how to get them well aligned with work and in an environment that will lead to the most passion. The Values Index combines the work of Dr. Spranger and Allport to create the most powerful motivations profile on the market today. Learn what values drive, motivate, and inspire me.

My Report Character Highlights:

  • able to balance the quest for understanding and knowledge with the practical needs of a situation
  • a multi-threaded problem solver, able to shift gears and projects in a flexible way
  • a high desire to help others learn, grow, and develop
  • able to accept the credit or take the blame with a ‘the buck stops here’ attitude
  • demonstrates high independence and projects self-confidence
  • may try to help meet customers’ needs (internal and external) before own
  • a strong advocate for green initiatives and protecting personal time and space
  • very much prefer form, harmony and balance

Click here to download Michael’s Values Profile

3.) 3 Years Abroad & I’m an International Asset

Inc Magazine black lettering and white background logo

In a recent article in INC., 5 Reasons You Should Hire the Well Traveled, Professor Linda Brimm outlines five key abilities international living tends to develop.

  • sees change as normal
  • an outsider to fixed cultural rules / relies on creative thinking
  • reinvents and experiments with new identities
  • an expert at the subtle and emotional aspects of transition
  • easily learns and uses new ways of thinking

…and it’s all true!

4.) I’m Fearless, too!

Two men strapped together skydiving over a plush green landscape

Whether it’s moving across the world, jumping out of a plane, or hosting your international company’s world-wide all company meeting, I’m cool as a cucumber.

5.) Long Term Potential

Betty White giving the I love you sign language gestureLet’s be honest. Like George Clooney or Betty White, I’m only getting better with age.

6.) I Make Wearing a Variety of Hats Look Good

Michael Venske in a stupid hat drinking out of a coconutAs a theatre artist I’m my own small business. From marketing shows to writing scripts, teaching the class or pleasing the crowd and repairing props, I’m my own army of one. Put me to work on your battlefield.

7.) Strong Online Presence

Klout scoreFrom Facebook pages to Twitter feeds, Tumblr blogs, LinkedIn groups, and WordPress sites… I know what I’m doing. Look out digital media, my Klout score is 53 and rising!

8.) I Know What I Want


  • Ability to motivate others
  • Activities with many opportunities for interaction with people
  • Activities to get and maintain attention of others
  • Freedom to move around, either in the office or around the country (or the world!)

9.) Gratitude

Thank you for your awesomeness cardI wouldn’t be where I am (China) or who I am (Michael Venske) without the kindness, generosity, mentoring and patience of others. Thank you for taking time to learn a bit more about who I am, how I could benefit your organization, and rolling your eyes at the tongue in my cheek.

That said, now let’s chat about how my particular skill sets can help us both achieve our goals! Send me a message via the contact page and let’s see what other awesome qualities we have in common!

* = Mom says these are legit reasons


  1. Sean Upton-McLaughlin April 20, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Good luck moving back to the USA Michael!

  2. Michael April 21, 2015 at 6:32 am

    Thanks, Sean! Here’s to another adventure!