9 Tearjerkers from the 2015 British Arrows Awards

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9 Tearjerkers from the 2015 British Arrows Awards

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BAA2015The Walker Art Center continues it’s 29-year holiday tradition with the British Arrows Awards. If you’re unfamiliar, the British Arrows Awards are the top commercials from the UK.

Perhaps you’re wondering, Why would anyone pay to watch commercials?

The truth is: commercials in the UK are better. It’s a fact.

British commercial spots are edgier, funnier, and darker. Heck, there’s even an article backing me up on JSTOR about British humor in advertising.
This Girl Can
Personally, I enjoy 60-second storytelling. I’m inspired by the feelings and messages communicated in such a short amount of time.

At any rate, the awards show(ing) breaks the commercials into bronze, silver, and gold award winners. Plus a Commercial of the Year.

My expectations were high for this year’s British Arrows. Not only do I consider the Walker’s annual showing part of my holiday tradition, but I’ve also been out of the country for the last three years. The 2015 BAA would be my first since 2011. (To the best of my knowledge the British Arrows don’t show in China.)

So what did I think about the commercials this year?

Yes, there were funny commercials, but I cried a lot more than I laughed. Some tears happy, some sad.

My tears disappeared after seeing the Commercial of the Year though. Yeah, sure, I love the interactive idea behind 2015’s Commercial of the Year. Should it have won top prize? No!

(I admit it: I’m biased. The last BAA I saw was in 2011. Then I was just home from tour, getting ready to go back on the road, and 2011’s Commercial of the Year spoke to me on a deep level and still does! Every time I watch the commercial I bawl. This is my “good-cry commercial.” It never gets old. So I’m posting it below!)

However, it wouldn’t be right to share an old commercial…


If you ARE gonna check out the British Arrows at the Walker this season: don’t watch the spots below… Or do. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care.

Just make sure you’ve got a box of tissues handy and enjoy!


These spots all resonate within me. At the end of the day even these commercials are playing a small part to help make the world better. I suppose that’s why I’m sharing them.

To read a better more detailed account of the 2015 British Arrows Awards, check out Todd O’Dowd’s write up at l’étoile.