2016 bushCONNECT Promo & Info

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2016 bushCONNECT Promo & Info

2017-09-17T12:23:02+00:00March 14th, 2016|


"Chad" is more than excited to meet you!

“Chad” is more than excited to meet you!

Get psyched-up for the 2016 bushCONNECT conference happening on Monday, May 9th, at the Guthrie Theater!

Just watch the promo video above!

And if you’re looking closely you’ll see me at the 19 second mark as “The Boss.”

Then again at 32 seconds on the left-side of the train platform in disguise!

I was supposed to play one other character in the promo, a wacky guy named “Chad,” but he was left on the cutting room floor because…

Well… just look at the guy!

You can REGISTER for bushCONNECT by clicking here.

Not sure what bushCONNECT is or why you should go? Read on!

What is bushCONNECT?

bushCONNECT – or bushCON for short – is a leadership networking event that builds stronger and more meaningful connections among leaders in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native nations that share the same geographic area.

bushCON is powered by the Bush Foundation in partnership with more than 40 organizations from the region. The day includes inspiring talks, engaging small-group sessions, conversations with community leaders, and interactive networking experiences, all designed to inspire, equip and connect leaders for success.

And there’s improv!

That’s right, the Theater of Public Policy is teaching an Improv Crash Course: Saving the World Without a Script.

The art of making up entire theatrical performances without any script or pre-planned lines, can do a lot more than just make people laugh. The skills improvisers use to build complex and compelling stories are just as valuable off stage as in the theater.

In this session you’ll learn – and practice – these skills for yourself and talk about how creativity, collaboration and imagination can make any change agent more effective in the world. It will be a fun and energizing session that will be painless. Well, almost.

Looking forward to seeing you there…as me…not Chad.