Up Next: Live & Unlocked

Looking for a fun way to share a Monday evening together while imagining what society’s technological future holds?

Me, too!

You’re in luck because on Monday, July 25th at 7PM, upstairs at the Waldmann Brewery in Saint Paul, Bad Mouth Theatre Company’s Live & Unlocked Series is reading Deborah Yarchun’s latest work: Atlas, The Lonely Gibbon.

(This spring and early summer Bad Mouth and I attempted to collaborate on two different scripts, but our schedules wouldn’t align. So now I’m extra excited to (finally) be collaborating with them and I hope YOU come!)

Curious about the show? Here’s a synopsis:

ATLAS, THE LONELY GIBBON is a dark comedic thriller set in the future.

Irene, a 28-year-old journalist, has recently had her job downgraded to editing AI (Artificial Intelligence)-generated articles. Her husband, David, is a cybercrime journalist, a niche that has kept him employed in a dying journalism field.

Irene becomes alienated by technologies he introduces into their home for work that possess a sometimes comforting, but creepy and increasingly dangerous presence. Because of David’s job, their apartment is targeted by hackers and their everyday household appliances (all connected to the internet) have been turning on them. This is particularly challenging for Irene, because she now works from home.

To cope with her challenging marriage and increasingly threatening space, Irene fixates on a VR (virtual reality) show about an isolated ape at a monkey sanctuary. David introduces a set of lifelike bionic arms into their home and Irene’s world is shaken when the arms take on a life of their own; instead of calling her husband, she begins a new type of relationship.

ATLAS, THE LONELY GIBBON explores where we’re heading as a society and the complex benefits and destructive possibilities of a fully wired world.

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While reading the show, there are a handful of moments I gasped at what was happening… This award-winning script pulled me in and I imagine it’ll do the same for you.

Readings are free with a $10 recommended donation. Space is limited to 25 guaranteed seats per reading, so I suggest an early RSVP. In addition to supporting the artistic company, consider grabbing a pint or two from Waldmann (they have tasty bites).

If you want to be there, but aren’t able to make it work? One of the neat things Bad Mouth Theatre Company does with each presentation is record it to be shared online later. They have a podcast and everything! (You can subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.)

Hope to see you there!

WHO: Bad Mouth Theatre Company

WHAT: Live & Unlocked Series: Atlas, The Lonely Gibbon

WHERE: Waldmann Brewery (upstairs) @ 445 Smith Ave N, St Paul, MN 55102

WHEN: 7PM on Monday, July 25

COST: FREE – $10 Suggested Donation