Yellow highlights red shading Caucasian man looking off into the distanceMichael Venske’s untitled China Show is in the thick of rewrites.

There is no set date for a public performance…yet.

Stay tuned!


We need to have a talk about The D-Word.

In this work-in-progress Michael Venske explores all the ways the d-word shapes and changes our lives.

From difficult to delightful the d-word offers something for everyone.

Coming in 2017.


Thumbs Up Show ImageThumbs Up, Venske’s first solo show premiered at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C., in July 2012.

The show was remounted in August 2012 in Minneapolis during the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Set during the mortgage crisis of 2008 an elderly father sends his son hitchhiking across America with a bonsai tree.

The DC Theatre Scene calls it, “…an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.”