An Open Letter to 2012

Dear 2012,

You passed so quickly it seems like only yesterday I was writing a letter to that bastard, 2011. But this letter isn’t about 2011. It’s about you, 2012.

It’s 3:45AM and I’m staying up late because I don’t want to let you go. Because you were a great year! I had so much fun!

Thank you for all the memories and adventures! Thank you for all the kind, outgoing, compassionate, patient, forgiving, loving, hilarious people you shared with me. Thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me and all the things you’ve helped me learn about life, people, culture, me. Thank you for having a great sense of humor. Thank you for helping me feel and experience the Holy Wow in new and exciting ways.

Just look at all these fun things we did!


If I can ask you for one more favor…

Will you please tell 2013 not to suck?

Okay, 2013. Let’s do it.

New year 2013

About Michael

Michael Venske is an actor & teaching artist whom uses humor to grab & focus attention on social/cultural issues to create empathy, understanding & social change. Partnerships include: The Theater of Public Policy, Barbara Schneider Foundation, St. Croix Valley Foundation, First Witness, Learning Strategies, & various ad agencies. Oh, and he just got back from 3 years in China!
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