A Regret I Learned From

Hindsight being what it is though I’m glad I know now what I should’ve known then.

DC Theatre Scene “Thumbs Up” Review

…it is Minneapolis-based Venske’s acting that anchors the piece solidly…Venske attacks with enthusiasm…left the audience in stitches…Venske is at his best, unafraid to bust a move or pull out a silly dialect. His intensity is impressive…he doesn’t disappoint…enjoyable experience from beginning to end…

-Julia Katz, DC Theatre Scene

DC Metro Theater Arts “Thumbs Up” Review

…a one-man show deftly performed by Michael Venske…there’s so much good stuff you’ll hear…you’ll also experience some brilliant acting…this is Michael’s first one-man show, but you’d be surprised considering how well he performs and how well its delivered…

-Grace Kim, DC Metro Theatre Arts

Live Event Hosting: Securian Financial Group

Securian Financial Group tapped me for their all-company meeting to appear as “Rick Clark” the host of Securian Bandstand. In addition to 2,400 Securian employees at St. Paul’s River Centre the event was also streamed around the world for employees unable to attend.

Feedback: On-Camera Client

“Michael did a superb job, very professional. We were impressed that he could memorize such a dull and corporate content filled script. With his skills and hard work we were ahead of schedule throughout the shoot. Not to mention his performance was in front of the clients (they loved him too)”

-Elijah, Mojo Solo, to my agent, regarding a series of web shorts for Thomson Reuters

Accepted to New York Film Fest!

New York International Independent Film and Video FestivalMatt Joyer’s short film “Someone, Something,” written by Ryan Nichols, has been accepted into the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival! My first film fest!

This is particularly exciting because less than two months ago the film appeared in the Twin Cities Film Festival!

The film will be screened twice, once during the fall of 2010 in Los Angeles and then in the spring of 2011 in New York City.

On Saturday, November 13 in Los Angeles you can see the film at the Culver Plaza Theatre, located across the street from Sony Studios and the Kirk Douglas Theatre at 9919 Washington Boulevard.

If you’re in the LA-area buy tickets and check it out!

Behind-The-Scenes: Mayo Clinic Shoot

Behind-the-scenes of “In The Words of Dr. Will: The Primary Value of Mayo Clinic.”

Recap: The Weekly

Producing sketch comedy? No laughing matter.