Moore Creative Talent

Commercial: Cabela’s

Most* of the time when you see a commercial for a store on TV the spot was shot overnight. The production is essentially a giant slumber party!

Yesterday my parents said they saw me on TV in a Cabela’s spot.

After watching it I’m reminded of Andy Warhol’s quote about fame

Some people get 15 minutes of fame all at once. I take mine seconds at a time. Look closely and you’ll see me for a second!

If Warhol’s correct, I’ve got about 898 seconds left…

Last but not least, special thanks and shout out to the agents at Moore Creative Talent for sending me to this audition!

* = Last week I shot a spot for Hy-Vee at their new store in Brooklyn Park — it’s beautiful — however, while we shot overnight, the store didn’t close. When real** people walked into the store/on set they’d do a double-take and kinda freak-out in the cutest way imaginable.

** = Not actors; actors are fake people.

Put My Face On Your Box

Just for Men beard boxHi, Just For Men!

A well-informed lady recently mentioned I look a lot like the model-types on your Just For Men Mustache & Beard box.

If you’re looking for a new type, put my face on your box.

Not only do I have a beard, but after three years of living abroad now I have grey in my beard!

So let’s make this deal happen.

Give Moore Creative Talent a call, ask for Alycya, and tell her you want to put my face on your box.

I’ll give you my face and you’ll give me no grey hairs.


Commercial: Minnesota Twins

Days after signing with Moore Creative Talent they sent sides for a Minnesota Twins commercial. My first commercial audition in three years.

And I booked it!

And you know, most days: a gig’s a gig. Work’s work and that’s that.

But if I’m going to be honest…

This job was different.

Not because I got to meet Torii Hunter or shoot at Target Field.

This booking was different because it meant for the first time in three years I was home.

I’m home.