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Listen: Staged Reading ‘Made In China’

In early October I read the current work-in-progress storytelling piece about three years I spent living and teaching in China. Then I blogged about it — I Read The Words, What’s Next — and decided what’s next is sharing.

Perhaps you wanted to be at the reading, but weren’t able to attend? Now you can listen to what you missed!

(Again, this is still a work-in-progress and there are rough patches. Feedback from the audience (YOU) is still being incorporated into to the next draft(s), but there’s a long way to go.)

With that said, please enjoy the staged reading of Made In China recorded live at the Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis on October 3, 2015.

And if you’ve dedicated an hour of your life to listening to the show, please send me your thoughts / feedback / reactions below, via the contact page, or email michael @ michaelvenske (.) com.

(Your thoughts are priceless to the creative process, thank you for sharing them with me.)

I Read the Words, What’s Next?

The stage is set for a staged reading. Via @michaelvenske on instagram

The stage is set for a staged reading. Via @michaelvenske on Instagram

On Saturday evening I finally read the words out loud!

The China Show — which I’ve more or less been working on since 2012 — has finally been heard.

Great! So, what’s next?

(I don’t know.)

Currently I’m more or less not thinking about the show or the feedback received.

After that: reflection. Followed by interpreting feedback and editing the show.

Maybe I’ll do another reading.

Then it’s time for public performances.

I didn’t really know this process was going to take so long.

However, based on the feedback received during the workhop, I (now) know the show is powerful AND I need to share it with others.

So that’s what I’ll do. One day at a time. Stay tuned.