Emma & Eric

Michael demonstrated genuine interest in our lives and truly wanted to immerse himself in our story. As he said at the beginning, his goal was to “fall in love with us.” At first, I thought that sounded trite, and might just be a line used to seduce couples into hiring him, but it was nothing like that. Michael’s authenticity put us at ease and he treated us and our story with the upmost respect. It was an absolute joy working with, and becoming friends with, Michael. He created the most beautiful ceremony—truer and more reflective of us as a couple than I could have ever imagined.

I loved the process of watching my partner grow in his ability to share and open up about his experience in our relationship. Michael gave him the support and respect he needed to truly feel comfortable. I loved the opportunities to slow down and reflect on who I was, am, and want to become, and how my partner and I want to intentionally and thoughtfully grow with each other. Michael created the safety and designated time for us to engage in that reflection.
 -Emma & Eric Martin LePlant, September 2018