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QUESTION 1: What was your favorite part about working with Michael and/or the ceremony?

“Michael demonstrated genuine interest in our lives and truly wanted to immerse himself in our story. As he said at the beginning, his goal was to “fall in love with us.” At first, I thought that sounded trite, and might just be a line used to seduce couples into hiring him, but it was nothing like that. Michael’s authenticity put us at ease and he treated us and our story with the upmost respect. It was an absolute joy working with, and becoming friends with, Michael. He created the most beautiful ceremony—truer and more reflective of us as a couple than I could have ever imagined.” -Emma & Eric Martin LePlant, September 2018

QUESTION 2: What comments did you hear from your guests after the ceremony?

“Directly after the wedding ceremony and even months later, our guests kept asking us ‘Who was your friend who officiated the wedding? He did such a great job at sharing your story.’ Everyone assumes Michael has been a long time friend of ours because he told our story so personally. But this is due to the relationship we built together telling him our story to prepare for the wedding ceremony, we had never met Michael prior to planning our wedding. My mom often tells me how our wedding was the most unique and personal wedding she’s ever been to and how she loved it and wishes more weddings were like that – A big part of that is because of the work Michael did with us to help us share our story with our family.” -Casey & Katie Halpin, June 2018

Almost every single one of our guests said, ‘Wow! Your officiant was great! How long have you known him? Have you been friends with him for awhile? I’m now thinking about renewing our vows! That was the best wedding ceremony we’ve ever been to!’-Missy & Joe Hicks, September 2018

QUESTION 3: If your best friend was on the fence about whether to hire Michael, what would you tell them?

My mother recently got remarried and Michael performed her ceremony. I cannot think of a greater endorsement than that. If he was good enough to recommend to my mother he is good enough for any friend of mine.” -Jessica & Sean Mahoney, May 2008

DOOOOOOO IIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!” -Emma & Eric Martin-LePlant, September 2018

QUESTION 4: What was your biggest hesitation in hiring Michael to officiate your wedding?

“Our biggest hesitation was that we didn’t know Michael at all and that we were trusting him to tell our story and do it right. That hesitation quickly disappeared though because Michael quickly gained our trust and talked about the “circle of trust” and made us feel comfortable enough to share our story in great detail. Sharing your relationship can be a very vulnerable experience and Michael never made us feel judged about anything we shared with him and we felt comfortable with him rather quickly.” -Casey & Katie Halpin, June 2018

QUESTION 5: What did you discover about yourself, your partner, and/or relationship as a result of hiring Michael as your wedding officiant?

“It was really the last meeting that I really learned exactly what made my husband fall in love with me and reminded me exactly why we are getting married and starting this journey together. I think he learned the same. We already knew almost everything there is to know about each other, but Michael really helped us understand how we really are a strong team and balance each other out.” -Lauren & Nasir Smith, September 2018

I loved the process of watching my partner grow in his ability to share and open up about his experience in our relationship. Michael gave him the support and respect he needed to truly feel comfortable. I loved the opportunities to slow down and reflect on who I was, am, and want to become, and how my partner and I want to intentionally and thoughtfully grow with each other. Michael created the safety and designated time for us to engage in that reflection.” -Emma & Eric Martin LePlant, September 2018

QUESTION 6: What will make the pre-wedding circle-of-trust process more comfortable?

“Nothing. I loved that part.” -Caitlyn & Matthew Larson, October 2018

QUESTION 7: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone at our wedding loved him. He was the most talked about element of our wedding. He made the whole process easy and was incredibly easy to talk to. We are so thankful and blessed to have met Michael.” -Courtney & Thomas Pratt, September 2018

QUESTION 8: Describe the ceremony in 3 words. (This wordcloud is the aggregate of responses.)