Fort Wilson Riot’s “City of Eyes”

This spring I worked on a music video for Minneapolis-based avant pop duo Fort Wilson Riot.

When I got the call I was pumped!

Not only would I get to work with a group of musicians I’ve admired for years, but I’d be partnering up with my friends* at Bromide Films.

I couldn’t say no!

Then I learned I’d be playing a cat/man. Meow we’re talking!

Here’s some of what happened on set:

The shoot only took a few days, but those days were spread out over a handful of months due to competing schedules.

You can learn more about the new video and Fort Wilson Riot’s new album in this conversation with 96.3’s Barb Abney. Listen to the entire conversation, jump to 13:02 for specifics, or read below for the kind words FWR’s Jacob Mullis shared about working together…

“The guy that played the cat was hilarious. I wish there was a whole outtakes thing of him where you could hear what he was saying because he’s just hilarious. It was impossible to keep a straight face!” –Jacob Mullis, Fort Wilson Riot


I love you, too, Jacob! Click here to watch the video.

Then take a listen to Fort Wilson Riot’s new album below. Click here to buy.

* = It was 2008 when I met Dom & Alex. Our friendship/professional relationship started when I lost my “real job.” What a blessing!