Up Next: Chicken Hat Plays


Perhaps you don’t know this about me, but one of my absolute favorite creative endeavors is Rubber Chicken Theater’s Chicken Hat Plays!

What are the Chicken Hat Plays?

Tonight (Friday, June 10) a bunch of community-sourced prompts are put into the hats: a who, a what, and a where. A handful of writers randomly pull prompts and then go off to write a ten-minute script incorporating those prompts.

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 11) a bunch of actors and directors meet at 8AM. Then the director’s names are pulled out of hats to direct each piece and then the cast is created the same by — pulling names out of a hat.

It’s the most random fantastic collaboration explosion of awesome. Please come. Join us. Witness all the zany fun!

Eight writers.

Eight directors.

A whole bunch of actors.

Eight world-premiere plays in 24 hours.

These plays don’t exist now, but you can be in the room when they’re born on June 11!

When are the Chicken Hat Plays?

Tomorrow night — Saturday, June 11, at 7:30PM at The Undergroundwear a face mask.

Cost? $20.

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